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Why Melly's Cookies?


Shop Local!

Melly's Cookies is a Somerville-certified Retail Residential Kitchen, located in the Davis Square area. When you support local businesses, you create a sense of community and you feel good about your purchase.

Receive Stellar Customer Service!

Melly is the owner, biscotti baker, and rice crispie maker. 

Having worked diligently to set up her Retail Residential Kitchen, she takes pride in her business and aims to make your "Melly's Cookies" experience a memorable one.

Enhance Your Beverage Experience!

While delicious on their own, our biscotti love a good dunk.

Don't Be Hangry!

Feeling restless and unfocused? We have a solution for your 3 PM pick-me-up! "Rice crispies make me irritable," said nobody, ever.

Provide Snacks in the Workplace!

Do your employees leave the office several times a day to get snacks? Increase productivity and say "thank you" to your employees by offering thoughtful treats in your break room. It's a win-win. 

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