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About Melly.

Hi, I'm Melly!

Thank you for visiting Melly's Cookies!

Preschool teacher by day, and biscotti baker and rice crispie maker by night. Spreading sugary goodness is a passion of mine, and a therapeutic one at that! I'm self-taught and bake from scratch, in small batches, with love. Truly excited to bring you my simple selection of sweet confections: Biscotti and Rice Crispies. 

Why Biscotti and Rice Crispies? 

Because you're old enough to dunk, but young-enough-at-heart to have fun! It's the best of both worlds.

My Biscotti - they're the perfect amount of crisp and crunch, not too sweet, and most enjoyable when dunked in coffee, tea, or milk.

My Rice Crispies - they're ooey, gooey, and simply irresistible, marshmallowy goodness.  

Melly's Cookies is a Somerville-certified Retail Residential Kitchen, proudly serving the Greater Boston area.

Lots of love and a little sugar coming your way, from my Somerville kitchen to your sweet tooth. Enjoy!